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Setting a new standard in aviation with immediately available, retrofittable technology that is proven to reduce CO2 and fuel burn by up to 33%.

ASG Aerospace is Proud to announce that we are now an authorized service partner for Tamarack Aerospace. ASGA can now provide sales, installation, and services for the Tamarack Active Winglet System for Citations 525, 525A, and 525B series, including all eight variants that range from the Citation Jet to the CJ3+. The winglets are totally aerodynamic, which allows efficiency gains up to 33% and unsurpassed climb performance. They also lower turbulence because the wingtips act like shock absorbers that reduce turbulence up to 25%.

We also provide a range of maintenance and upgrade services that include avionics, and inflight connectivity services from our facility based at Miami Executive Airport, which is perfectly located for the fleet of more than 150 Citation Jets modified with Tamarack winglets.

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