Wifi & Entertainment Systems

Gogo Wifi

Gogo inflight internet is a broadband internet service provided by Gogo Inc. They provide internet connectivity through wifi in business and commercial aircrafts. Gogo are the pioneers in the in-flight connectivity and now they have equipped over 2000 commercial and 6000 business airplanes. Gogo has normally the speeds of 500-600 kbs and it functions just like the ground wifi, the difference is that ground to ground signals are directed towards the ground from the towers where as in Gogo wifi the direction of the signals is ground to air. As the aircraft moves it stays connected moving from tower to tower range.

Aircraft wifi

Air travel is always been considered as a phone free zone let alone internet for that matter. We have to switch off all of our electronic devices as the plane comes into motion. Now with the evolution in technology, we have direct wifi connections in our aircrafts. There are mainly two types of internet connections that are available; first one is the US based Gogo network which is based on 3G ground towers. They have a limited speed i.e. 3.1 Mbps divided for the entire airplane and confined to on-land travel. Then there is the satellite connectivity which is expensive and provides high speed broadband connections on both land and overseas.

At ASG Aerospace we are committed to enhancing our client's cabin comfort. We offer the latest inflight entertainment systems that stream video, music and data wirelessly to mobile devices. We install high-speed Internet Systems for both domestic and/or international service Whether it is Gogo Biz or SatCom technology, our goal is to provide a complete mobile office in the sky and/or a relaxing entertainment experience in 5 to 10 days of downtime depending on STC availability. As Aircell and Flight Display dealers, we can transform your flight into a high tech, state of the art audio visual multimedia experience.

Mobile Office
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Wireless Printers
  • Fax Capabilities
  • Voice over IP
  • Email
  • Presentations
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Browsing
  • Video Confrencing
  • Phones & Chargers
  • Widescreen LCD
  • Video/Music JukeBox
  • Ipad Docking Systems
  • Satellite Radio
  • Moving Maps
  • DVD Players

Let us make your Cabin a Wireless Hot Spot in the sky. We specialize in FAA approved internet and wireless technology installations.